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About Us

Judy WarnerWelcome to The EEcosytem Podcast Community! I’m Judy Warner, the host, and founder of the EEcosystem podcast. After 25+ years in the electronics industry working alongside engineering professionals, and 4 years as host of Altium’s OnTrack podcast, I’ve developed a passion for helping Educate, Connect and Equip electronics engineers. Particularly those that focus on High-Speed and High-Frequency applications. Each week on the podcast, I will feature compelling conversations with experts and subject matter experts spanning the entire electronics design and development ecosystem to give you holistic perspective on hardware design.

Subjects to be covered are Device Packaging, Electronics components, supply chain, PCB Materials, Layout, Fabrication and Assembly, SI/PI/EMI, EMC, RF/MW, Test and Measurement…and more. Please connect with us on social media to learn more and join the conversation.

Educate | Connect | Equip

The EEcosystem’s mission is provide a source of quality engineering education and insights through a systems-based approach to engineering. I will also connect you to experts and peers through online and offline forums, communities and events. Lastly, I will provide resources in every episode to technical content and tools that can help equip you for success while helping you avoid costly errors.

Thank you for visiting, listening, and being an integral part of the EEcosytem. I’m always eager to hear from you and learn about your challenges, concerns or solutions. Please reach out to me anytime.

Warm Regards,
Judy Warner