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Cracking the EMC Code: Troubleshooting Tips from the Workbench

Ken Wyatt discusses EMC tips and tricks he's developed over decades to help engineers diagnose and troubleshoot EMC issues right from their workbench. He's published his knowledge in a popular book trilogy we talk about in this episode.

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Dr. Tim Wang-Lee, SI/PI Applications Scientist of Keysight shares the challenges that exist between hardware and SI Engineers. We discuss industry trends and how EDA companies, including Keysight, are creating software solutions that enable engineers to collaborate seamlessly and create "virtual" prototypes that dramatically improve workflow and resource efficiencies.

High-Speed Design Expert Lee Ritchey is joined by Avishtech executives Tarun and Keshav Amla to discuss the need for stack-up simulation that goes far beyond basic impedance measurement. They explain how engineers can dramatically cut down on multiple board spins and get products to market in a fraction of the time through the breakthrough stack up software they've developed.

Chris Savalia and Madhur Chawla join us to discuss how to successfully navigate the various unique challenges of RF/MW and mmWave PCB Design, Fab, and Assembly. We discuss the importance of collaborating with you fabricator to help get input on stack up, material selection, standards, and more. We also discuss surface preparation, copper roughness, and the unintended consequences these can have on performance. 

Technical Fellow, Ben Dannan discusses the impact and value of DesignCon on his thriving career. He discusses his first DesignCon, the role of highly skilled mentors, and how writing, publishing, and presenting have accelerated his skill and taken his career heights. Ben has also started his own consultancy Signal Edge Solutions helping others with signal and power integrity challenges.

Niels Fache, VP of Keysight EDA, and Stephen Slater, Product Manager of Keysight discuss the advancement in DDR5 and beyond from the DesignCon exhibit floor. They also talk about the "democratization" of SI/PI/EMI simulation, "virtual" simulation, and enabling engineers to Design for Context.

Devin Billings, Associate Director of Electrical Engineering Research and Development from Boston Dynamics discusses the complexities and challenges of realizing the world's most complex and lifelike Robots. Billings also discusses the challenges ahead and encourages other passionate and driven electrical engineers to consider pursuing a career in robotics.

Dan Beeker, Technical Director at NXP, joins the podcast today to discuss how you can learn how to pass EMC with confidence every time. By applying simple principles that he'll be discussing in his sessions at DesignCon, he is able to help tier-one automotive OEM engineering teams avoid countless re-spins and failed attempts at EM compliance.


    Silicon Valley veteran Lee Ritchey joins us today along with Silicon Valley Start-Up Founders Keshav and Tarun Amla of Avishtech. We discuss how Avishtech is bringing the foresight of Simulation to PCB Stack-Up and why it's time has come.


    Matt Burns discusses the road Samtec is paving to 224G and what technologies they'll be previewing at DesignCon 2023

    In this episode, Steve Sandler of Picotest, Heidi Barnes of Keysight, and Ben Dannan Technical Fellow and founder of Signal Edge Solutions discuss their upcoming presentation at DesignCon that offers a way to model and simulate VRM effectively that is accurate, easy to do, and blazingly fast!