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From Crisis to Catalyst | How US Government Action Can Save the PCB Supply Chain | David Schild

In this compelling conversation with David Schild of PCBAA, we delve into the intricate world of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and the pressing challenges faced by engineers in the ever-evolving supply chain landscape

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Dr. Yuriy Schlepnev, President of Simberian joins as this week's expert guest to discuss the latest update to Simbeor--a physics based 3D EM/SI analysis tool they've developed to make highly accurate EMI/Simulation analysis available for everyone. This especially applies to PCB layout engineers who don't want to become EMI or SI experts. With a push of a button, and a simple pass/fail result, Accurate signal integrity is now within reach for everyone.

🔌 Welcome to our latest video featuring an in-depth conversation with Tomide Adesanmi, the co-founder of Circuit Mind! Join us as we dive into the world of circuit design and the groundbreaking solutions that Circuit Mind is bringing to the table.

🛠️ In this interview, we'll explore the challenges that circuit designers face, including the problem of spending too much time in data silos and not enough time on innovation. Tomide Adesanmi will elaborate on these issues and provide insights into the real-world struggles engineers encounter.

In this episode, EE and former Lockheed Martin PCB expert join us to discuss why the hand-off between design engineers and their fabricators has become so challenging and problematic. She explains how, in her new role at Summit Interconnect, she is developing a team and a program dedicated to helping support, educate, and empower engineers. She also offers ways to improve your knowledge and skills in DfM best practices.

Samtec's Global Head of Technical Marketing, Matt Burns, joins us to discuss the rapidly emerging new era of high-speed connectivity. He covers what's happening in 224Gps, AI, satellites, 5G, Open RAN, PCI6, and much more. He shares his insider perspective of how Samtec is "integrating to innovate" with partners across the entire ecosystem. He also discusses how engineers can continue to keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry to keep updating and improving their skill sets.

Ben Dannan of Signal Edge Solutions and Principal Engineer at a Tier One Defense Contractor discusses a presentation he'll be giving at EDI Con Online next week. His talk is entitled: What is Enough VDDQ Package PI Analysis for DDR4/5. His talk will cover an actual use case he and his colleague encountered and will share techniques on how to "sanity check" vendor IP models to ensure accurate simulation that will result in positive implications across the whole system.

Bert Simonovich shares insights related to hidden factors he's discovered in regard to inaccurate impedance models. He's discovered hidden effects that are a result of anisotropic effects in copper-clad laminates, that can result in signal integrity problems. Bert will be giving two upcoming presentations including EDI COM which takes place next week. He will be giving a deeper and more expanded version of this topic in January at DesignCon 2024.

Passing EMC can be extremely challenging and expensive. Particularly after you fail and have to go through a mystifying debug process that feels like a game of whack-a-mole. Juliano Mologni, EMI/EMC expert and product manager at Ansys, discusses things to consider and why simulation can help you go into that "Chamber of Secrets" confident and with passing results every time!

The Electronic Design Automation Conference, or EDI CON will be held every Wednesday in October. It's free, it's fully online and is full of excellent technical sessions for engineers. Pat Hindle, Media Director at Signal Integrity Journal joins me this week to share a sneak peek on the Four technical tracks, the sessions, speakers and all you can expect for the conference.

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In this video, we will discuss the basics of power integrity in applications ranging from Space to TikTok. We will cover the following topics:

The need for power integrity is universal in today's electronic applications. Leading experts Steve Sandler and Heidi Barnes share their insights from space and data center applications to PCB design and how to stay ahead in the ever-changing technology landscape.

1) What is power integrity?

2) Why is it important?

3) The different types of power integrity problems

Keysight Learning and The EEcosystem Podcast present Professor Dr. Eric Bogatin, Signal Integrity Expert, and Dr. Tim Wang-Lee, Signal Integrity Application Scientist in the first of a special edition podcast series. In this episode, we discuss issues related to the signal integrity design workflow and ways to ensure efficiency and success. We also explore ways that EDA tools can improve the design workflow and how these tools need to evolve in order to support the successful design and development of high-speed hardware applications.