2000 Amp Data Centers & AI: The Future of Power & Innovation (Steve Sandler at DesignCon 2024)

Guests Steve Sandler | Uploaded : 28/05/2024

The EEcosystem Podcast

2000 Amp Data Centers & AI: The Future of Power & Innovation (Steve Sandler at DesignCon 2024)

In this conversation, Steve Sandler discusses the upcoming DesignCon event and the sessions and presentations he will be giving. He also talks about the new products Picotest has developed for the emerging trend of 2000 amps in data centers and AI. Steve explains the challenges in designing and testing at these power levels and the innovations Picotest has made in cooling and load cells. He emphasizes the importance of the ecosystem and resolving knowledge gaps to keep up with increasing demands.


-The trend of 2000 amps in data centers and AI is growing faster than expected, and PicoTest has developed new products to address the challenges in designing and testing at these power levels.
-Innovations in cooling and load cells have been made to handle the high power densities and heat dissipation requirements.
-The ecosystem and resolving knowledge gaps are crucial in keeping up with the increasing demands of the industry.

New Technologies mentioned in the show:

Picotest DesignCon Page

Transient Load Steppers

J2154A PerfectPulse® Differential TDR

PDN Probe

Port Saves

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								 00:00 Introduction and Catching Up
01:30 Sessions and Presentations at DesignCon
04:07 New Products and PicoTest's Booth at DesignCon
05:48 Emergence of 2000 Amps in Data Centers and AI
08:42 Challenges in Designing and Testing 2000 Amps
12:14 Innovations in Cooling and Load Cells
16:00 The Ecosystem and Knowledge Gaps
20:14 Where to Find More Information
20:58 Keeping Up with Increasing Demands
23:21 Closing Remarks