The Father of IBIS Shares SI Cheatsheet | Don Telian (Founder – SI Guys)

Guests Donald Telian | Uploaded : 09/01/2024

The EEcosystem Podcast

The Father of IBIS Shares SI Cheatsheet | Don Telian (Founder – SI Guys)

Signal Integrity Expert and founder of SI Guys, Don Telian, is our guest in this episode. We discuss his illustrious career which includes his time at Intel where he became The Father of IBIS. Don has made a very popular SI Cheat Sheet for hardware engineers. He shares some practical guidelines from this cheat sheet and other principles he’s articulated in his book, Signal Integrity in Practice. He also talks about his unique after-hours interests as a professional drummer and triathlete.

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Book: Signal Integrity in Practice 

SICheat Sheet 

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Telian Articles in Signal Integrity Journal

Article: Should you worry about 90-degree bends?

Advanced Signal Integrity Forum Keynote: “S + I = $, How to Succeed at a Career in Signal Integrity

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								 00:01:25 Intro, professional background company, SI Guys.
00:03:40 Role in developing the original IBIS Standard?
00:08:15 Keynote and what is your Signal Integrity Cheat Sheet?
00:11:45 Key points for listeners and where to get SI Cheat Sheet

00:20:15 Author of Signal Integrity in Practice and how is it different from other SI books.

00:26:17 Engineer after hours: your life as a triathlete and professional drummer.