Industry Trends Propelling Innovation in AI and Data Center Expansion | Matt Burns & Scott McMorrow

Guests Matt Burns & Scott McMorrow | Uploaded : 28/05/2024

The EEcosystem Podcast

Industry Trends Propelling Innovation in AI and Data Center Expansion | Matt Burns & Scott McMorrow

In this episode, Judy Warner talks with Matt Burns and Scott McMorrow from Samtec about their plans for DesignCon 2024 and the new era of high-speed connectivity. They discuss the trends driving innovation in the industry, such as artificial intelligence and data center growth. They also highlight the importance of collaboration and partnerships in solving engineering challenges. The conversation covers topics like PCI Express, optimizing vias, and extreme confidence simulation for high-speed signaling.


  • The new era of high-speed connectivity is driven by trends like artificial intelligence, data center growth, and increased demand for optical connectivity.
  • Collaboration and partnerships are on the rise and are crucial in solving engineering challenges and driving innovation in the industry.
  • Optimizing vias and designing for high-speed signaling are important considerations in high-speed connectivity.

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Samtec DesignCon page

Samtec Transmission Line Podcast

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								 00:00 Introduction and Overview
01:55 New Era of High-Speed Connectivity
03:25 PCI Express and CXL
05:25 Presentations and Demonstrations at DesignCon
07:45 Scott McMorrow's Initiatives
13:00 Designing and Optimizing Vias
19:08 Extreme Confidence Simulation for High-Speed Signaling
 20:01The Impact of AI on Engineering
24:20 Collaboration and Ecosystem in the Industry
27:22 Where to Find More Information
27:50 Closing Remarks