Product Design Process | Navigating the Electronics Engineer’s Journey with Ben Dannan & Heesoo Lee

Guests DAVID SCHILD | Uploaded : 09/01/2024

The EEcosystem Podcast

Product Design Process | Navigating the Electronics Engineer’s Journey with Ben Dannan & Heesoo Lee

From concept to creation, this video is your guide to mastering the product design process. Don’t miss out on the wisdom shared by these experts! Join us on a journey through the intricacies of product design with electronics engineers Ben Dannan and Heesoo Lee. Discover the roadmap, uncover key insights, and gain practical tips as they navigate the challenging terrain of the electronics engineer’s journey.

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								 01:10 Ben: System types you've worked on, and what advice you'd give to engineers to be successful multi-skilled engineer–the ability to simulate, test, measure, understand models, etc)

05:32 Heesoo: What are the most important skills and tools engineers need today with the given speeds and complexities? 

13:25 Both: What, in your opinion and experience, are the best methods and/or platforms for learning that result in successful outcomes? (

21:45 Hee-Soo: How do you think the rising trend of a connected workflow in the form of EDA tools and more diverse tool integration will have on engineers.

27:50 Wrap up