Rogers IMS Highlights: New 3D Printable RF Dielectric, Copper And Coplanar Waveguides

Guests John Coonrod | Uploaded : 12/12/2023

The EEcosystem Podcast

Rogers IMS Highlights: New 3D Printable RF Dielectric, Copper And Coplanar Waveguides

John Coonrod, Technical Marketing Manager of Rogers Corporation, discussed the three MicroApps presentations he is giving at IMS 2022 in Denver on June 21st.

John talks about his first presentation on a new breakthrough 3D Printable RF dielectric called Radix™ that holds endless possibilities for RF engineers.

His second presentation will be on types of copper, their various properties and the impact they have for design engineers wanting to  optimize desired performance.

Lastly, he talks about coplanar waveguides and specific guidelines when it comes to designing at mmWave frequencies.

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Averatek A-SAP™ Semi-Additive Process (3D Conductor that John mentioned for Radix)


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