Shift Left: How Measurement Can Improve First Pass Design Success

Guests Matt Ozalas | Uploaded : 12/12/2023

The EEcosystem Podcast

Shift Left: How Measurement Can Improve First Pass Design Success

Matt Ozalas, Master Application Development Engineer, Scientist at Keysight Technologies discusses wireless technology trends and how that’s driving a holistic integrative approach between software and hardware. This approach gives design engineers far greater intelligence on front-end design choices increasing first-pass success.


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								 Episode highlights

The EEcosystem Podcast welcomes our new premiere sponsor Keysight Technologies! Thank you to Keysight for making this podcast possible and helping us continue to Educate, Connect and Equip Design Engineers.

Matt’s background as a hardware engineer focused on power amplifiers and how he career led him on the path to EDA with Keysight Technologies
Wireless trends Matt is seeing in the marketplace How Keysight is using an integrating approach between software and hardware to innovate in their own products
What is WLP Wafer Level Packaging and what advantages does it hold for hardware engineers
What causes circuit instability, and why rules of thumb are changing.
From vacuum tubes to wireless, old science still holds some relevance for today’s best practices.