Steve Sandler On How To Measure Controlled Loop Stability And His New 12-Week Online Master Class

Guests Steve Sandler | Uploaded : 12/12/2023

The EEcosystem Podcast

Steve Sandler On How To Measure Controlled Loop Stability And His New 12-Week Online Master Class

Steve Sandler discusses the tool he developed called the Non-Invasive Stability Measurement Tool and how he transformed his lecturing and the Picotest business through Covid and beyond. He also gives Engineers a few tips on how to continue to thrive in this post-covid era.

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Steve Sandler and Picotest Resources

Non-Invasive Stability Measurement (NISM) links https://www.picotest.com/measurements/NISM.html https://www.picotest.com/non-invasive-stability-measurement.html

Tour of Steve Sandler’s Lab and SIJ Home Labs of the Stars article with Steve

Steve’s FEDEVEL 12-week paid courses on Mastering the Fundamentals of Power Integrity and Power Supply Testing


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								 Episode highlights

Introduction and technical background of Steve McGeary, RF Business Development and Product Management at Samtec.
Learn about internal engineering and manufacturing capabilities in the RF/MW division RF/MW
A busy RF/MW roadmap and custom capabilities and what’s driving it
Mil/Aero case study on a custom condensed connector project in a gang-block configuration and the solution in enabled
Definition of a gang block
What is Samtec highlighting at IMS specifically RF/MW technology
Traditional mil/aero drivers and the exponential growth in commercial market and the challenges it creates for engineers.
Steve discusses cross-pollination of HS Digital and RF teams inside and outside of Samtec
Identifying reliable sources of technical training and information to bridge the gap between the two disciplines.
Products to be displayed at the Samtec booth at IMS next week.