VNA: Insights into Time & Frequency Domains | Jason Ellison (Rohde & Schwarz)

Guests DAVID SCHILD | Uploaded : 09/01/2024

The EEcosystem Podcast

VNA: Insights into Time & Frequency Domains | Jason Ellison (Rohde & Schwarz)

🚀 Explore the high-speed digital frontier in our latest video, “Decoding VNAs and Standards Compliance.” Unveil the crucial role of Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) in meeting IEEE, PCIe, and USB standards. 🌐 Discover how VNAs provide dual insights into frequency and time domain signals, giving engineers a comprehensive view. 🔍 Get a sneak peek into our DesignCon papers, seamlessly weaving in standards themes and solutions. 🤖 Dive into the impact of AI on high-speed projects and connect with us to stay updated on Rhode’s presence at DesignCon. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of cutting-edge tech! 🌟

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Rhode & Schwarz Website: https://www.rohde-schwarz.com

Rohde Schwarz VNA Complimentary Primer: t.ly/8wgr6 R&S ZVA Vector Network Analyzer, up to 110 GHz Product Page: t.ly/51kQs DesignCon Registration: t.ly/Q03qH Rohde & Schwarz LinkedIn page:   / rohde-&-schwarz  

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								 01:55 Jason's Intro, background, role at R&S
03:15 What is the role of a VNA in regards to high-speed frequency domain standards compliance? (IEEE, PCIe, USB) 
07:10 Can a VNA give engineers insights into Time domain signals as well as in the frequency domain?
13:15 Tell us about the papers you’re preparing for DesignCon Paper 1, Paper 2 (weave in standards theme) Any solutions engineers may want to learn more about.
20:00 Everyone is talking about AI these days, especially with increasing speeds and growing complexity of interconnects. What are you observing in as it relates to to the projects you’re working on?
31:55 Where can our listeners connect with you and find out more about your presentations and Rhode’s presence at DesignCon?