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The EEcosystem Introduces New Career Development Offerings

Enhanced, innovative community-centric hub focuses on shortage of engineering talent

MURRIETA, Calif. – January 22, 2024 — Today, The EEcosystem™ Electronics Engineering podcast and platform proudly announced a series of strategic enhancements, underscoring its commitment to serve and bring value to electronics engineers and the industry. In a comprehensive announcement, the company introduced new career development offerings, unveiled in an innovative community-centric online hub for professional engineers, and welcomed two seasoned executives to its leadership team.

Career Concierge: A Premier Career Placement Service for Professional Electronics Engineers
The highlight of this announcement is the introduction of Career Concierge™, a white-glove career placement service tailored to match great engineers to great companies. Judy Warner, Founder, and host of The EEcosystem podcast, explains the strategic importance of this service stating “The launch of Career Concierge is a significant milestone that allows us to help address the acute shortage of engineering talent in the U.S. This innovative talent acquisition service is poised to not only facilitate the career development and placement of engineers but also deliver substantial value to the companies utilizing their expertise.”

Warner continued, “What sets us apart is that all of our team members are working within the industry, sharing 75 years of combined experience–the bulk of which time has been focused exclusively on working closely with engineers and electronics companies.”

Revamped Online Platform: Elevating the Community Experience

Concurrently, The EEcosystem unveiled its significantly redesigned and expanded online engineering platform. The overhaul of the website advances the company’s mission to Educate, Connect, and Equip professional design and development engineers. Warner noted, “The new website stands as a growing one-stop resource, offering engineers access to original and curated high-value content, podcasts, and features a member dashboard where engineers can tailor their experience and even contribute blogs.”

Executive Team Expansion: Welcoming Seasoned Leaders
To drive these key initiatives forward, two experienced executives have joined the EEcosystem leadership team. Randy Smith assumes the role of Vice President of Business Development, focusing on delivering value to the community and client companies. Kella Knack, in the position of Vice President of Marketing Communications, spearheads content development and provides editorial oversight to ensure the content is technically valid and benefits the member community.
Warner explained, “Randy and Kella are integral to our growth strategy, particularly in shaping the unique services under Career Concierge. Their deep experience and business backgrounds align seamlessly with our organizational vision.”

Industry Collaboration and Cross-Functional Insights
In response to the Chip Act and the rapidly evolving landscape of electronics innovation, The EEcosystem aspires to dismantle industry silos by assuming the role of a neutral, brand-agnostic platform. Warner explained “There is an imperative need for cross-functional knowledge integration. As a result, the creation of a central ‘village square’ is indispensable for the broader electronics community to connect and collaborate by removing the barriers to success and increasing overall technical competency.”
Warner concludes, “It takes more than one engineer or company to successfully develop today’s high-performance electronics. It quite literally takes an entire ecosystem. We invite hardware engineers to join our community and help us shape the future of electronics engineering together.”

About EEcosystem™: Pioneering the Future of Electronics Engineering
Founded in June 2022 by Judy Warner, a respected industry voice since 2010, The EEcosystem is dedicated to Educating, Connecting, and Equipping professional electronics engineers. The platform’s podcasts delve into high-speed and high-frequency electronics design and development, featuring conversations with industry luminaries. The January 2024 enhancements, including Career Concierge, underscore a firm commitment to serving engineers and the industry through fostering community-driven insight and growth.
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